Guidelines for Exam Preparation to Secure Excellent Marks

Currently, the students are worried about the exam as the annual exams for Matric and intermediate is near. The board has announced the schedule of the annual exams, and the papers will start within 2-3 months. So, many students need clarification about how to start the Preparation. During this period, many students join academies and coaching classes where they attempt tests for exam preparation. On the contrary, some students can’t afford the fee and couldn’t able to prepare themselves for the exam properly. So, here we are to help you with the basic guidelines that will help you greatly by providing a road map for exam preparation.

Tips to Prepare for the Exam

The students appearing in the Matric or Intermediate exams will get the idea from here about the Preparation by following the given guidelines. So, let’s talk about some basic Exam preparation tips.

  1. Time table
  2. Relevant material (Notes, Model Papers, Past Papers, etc.) according to the syllabus
  3. Group study
  4. Important topic from the syllabus
  5. Stay calm and do focused study

Time Table

Making the timetable for the study before starting the exam preparation is one of the important things. Timetables help a lot for the focused study. Many students make schedules/timetables and don’t follow them; that is one of the basic mistakes. Following the timetable and doing your studies according to the schedule makes things much easier than excepted.

At the same time, during arranging the study timetable, ensure that all subjects are covered properly. Averagely, 5-6 hours a day near the exam are enough for focused study. However, if you have a shorter time with the lengthy syllabus, you can extend the duration according to the requirement. Try to make a timetable that effortlessly helps you study and exam preparation without affecting your health.

Relevant Material (Notes, Model Papers, Past Papers)

To prepare for Matric or intermediate exams, choose the material  according to the updated curriculum. We know that students have books from which they can start exam preparation. On the other hand, some students need a helping book to solve unsolved questions, numericals, and formulas. Here is some advice choose that helping material according to your syllabus and provides you with the correct information.

Here we will tell you about a website that provides almost all helping content for all classes. FSConline is the website from where you will get the latest notes, Model papers, and even past papers for the Matric and intermediate. The website provides the notes for all classes subject-wise and chapter-wise, and you can download the content according to your need without paying any fee. aims to help students by providing them best and free-of-cost content.

Group Study

Group study also helps a lot in Preparation. In the group, you can share your problems/queries with your friends and get a solution. But, a group should consist of 3-4 members only. Groups with a lot of people are somehow difficult to manage and a waste of time. So, make sure to make a group with people who are serious about their studies and ready to help each other without wasting time.

Mark and Remember Important Topics

Before starting the Preparation, mark the important topics of the subject/chapter from the syllabus. Keep your focus on the important topic/questions but shouldn’t leave unimportant or less important topics. The purpose of marking the important things is to memorize them correctly.

Now, how will we know about the Important questions or Topics? There are many ways to get an idea about the most important and frequently asked questions in the papers. For this purpose, you can consult your teachers/professors and seniors. At the same time, Past papers and model papers are also one of the best ways to estimate important questions. Through the papers of some previous years, you can check how many times a topic is repeated, and their repetition represents their importance and chances to come to the papers again.

Stay Calm and Do Focused Study

During the study, don’t ignore your health. Keep your exam preparation in healthy manner. Exam Preparation doesn’t mean that you have to study the whole day without any break. A focused study of a few hours is better than an unfocused whole-day study. With good health, you will able to memorize things easily. So, during the exam, you must stay calm and healthy.

These are some tips for the students that will help the students a lot in exam preparation. The exams seem difficult when students don’t take their studies seriously during the complete academic year and think they will start their studies near th exam. So, students shouldn’t waste their time and take the lecturer daily.

Updated: January 20, 2023 — 6:41 am

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