University of Science & Technology Bannu New Jobs September 2023

The University of Science & Technology Bannu, nestled in the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan, is extending a warm invitation to aspiring legal scholars and educators. With an unwavering commitment to excellence in education, the university is currently seeking qualified candidates to join its distinguished faculty. This article sheds light on the exciting job prospects available at this esteemed institution, emphasizing the essential qualifications and application process.

Opportunities Await at UST Bannu

Are you a legal enthusiast seeking an opportunity to shape the future of the legal profession? Look no further! The University of Science & Technology Bannu is opening its doors to candidates interested in various positions within its esteemed law department.

Available Positions

The university has announced vacancies for the following positions:

  1. Head of Law Department: As a leader in legal education, the Head of Law Department will play a pivotal role in shaping the academic and administrative aspects of the department.
  2. Lecturer in Law: As a lecturer, you will have the opportunity to inspire and educate the next generation of legal minds.
  3. Assistant Professor in Law: Join the ranks of the university’s accomplished faculty as an assistant professor, contributing to its rich academic tradition.
  4. Visiting Faculty: If you are an expert in a specialized legal field and wish to share your knowledge, the university welcomes visiting faculty members.

Qualifications Required

To be eligible for these prestigious positions, candidates are expected to meet the following educational qualifications:

  • A Master of Laws (LLM) degree is the minimum requirement.
  • For higher academic positions, a Ph.D. in Law or a relevant field is preferred.

Application Deadline

The application window for these exciting opportunities is open until September 29, 2023. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications promptly to be considered for these roles.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the positions mentioned, interested candidates are advised to consult the official advertisement published in the Daily Dawn Newspaper on September 13, 2023. The advertisement will contain detailed instructions on the application process, including required documents and contact information.


Q1: Can I apply for multiple positions at UST Bannu? A1: Yes, you may apply for multiple positions if you meet the qualifications and requirements for each role. Ensure that you submit separate applications for each position.

Q2: Is prior teaching experience necessary for these positions? A2: While teaching experience is advantageous, it may not be mandatory for all positions. The eligibility criteria and job descriptions provided in the advertisement will specify whether teaching experience is required.

Q3: What documents should I include with my application? A3: The specific documents required will be outlined in the official advertisement. Typically, candidates are expected to submit their CV, academic transcripts, and any other relevant certificates or credentials.

Q4: Is there an age limit for applying to these positions? A4: Age requirements, if any, will be mentioned in the official advertisement. Be sure to review the advertisement for comprehensive details regarding eligibility criteria.

Q5: When will the selected candidates be notified? A5: The university will communicate with shortlisted candidates regarding the interview and selection process after the application deadline has passed. It’s essential to keep a close eye on your contact information provided in the application.


The University of Science & Technology Bannu offers a unique opportunity to become part of its illustrious legacy in legal education. With a commitment to academic excellence and a rich tradition of nurturing legal talent, this institution invites passionate individuals to join its faculty. Whether you aspire to lead the law department, educate future lawyers, or contribute as a visiting faculty member, UST Bannu welcomes your application. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting journey in the realm of law.

Note: Please refer to the official advertisement in the Daily Dawn Newspaper for the most up-to-date information on these job opportunities at the University of Science & Technology Bannu.

University of Science & Technology Bannu New Jobs September 2023

Updated: September 14, 2023 — 6:47 am

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