Pakistan Economic Survey MCQS

Pakistan Economic Survey MCQS download online from here. The mcqs of Economic Survey of Pakistan help for the preparation of test. Solved mcqs are very helpful in solving the test in the exams. Generally MCQS comprise of Mathematics (according to Syllabus), English MCQS (Grammar, Tenses, Meanings of words, Sentences etc), NTS General Knowledge MCQS, MCQS of Islamiat, MCQS of Chemistry. In every Test questions are according to the syllabus.

You can work out these Sample papers so many times until they get understand the pattern of the test as well as know how to pass the test. In short online Test Past Papers are very helpful for the students. You can also download these solved Papers in pdf format.

Pakistan Economic Survey MCQS

  • According to the economic survey of Pakistan 2016-17 what is the per capita income of Pakistan in US Dollars?
    (a) $1051.21 (b) $1531.0 (c) $1629 (d) $1372.8
  • According to the economic survey of Pakistan 2016-17 what is the per capita income of Pakistan in Pakistani Rupee Terms?
    (a) Rs. 124100 (b) Rs.169216 (c) Rs. 142800 (d) 212200
  • what is the real GDP growth rate in 2016-17 of Pakistan?
    (a) 5.28% (b) 4.71% (c) 3.80% (d) 4.9%
  • What is the agriculture growth rate in 2016-2017?
    (a) 2.33% (b) 3.46% (c) -1.2% (d) 2.5%
  • Which sector consists of sub-sectors which include crops, livestock, fisheries, and forestry?
    (a) Industry (b) Mining (c) Manufacturing (d) Agriculture
  • Large-Scale Manufacturing (LSM), Small Scale Manufacturing and Slaughtering are the three main sub components of which of the following sectors?
    (a) Quarrying Sector (b) Industrial sector
    (c) Manufacturing Sector (d) Construction sector
  • Mining and Quarrying sector recorded positive growth of —– during the year 2016-2017?
    (a) 2.6 % (b) 1.34 % (c) 3.6% (d) 4%
  • Electricity and gas distribution witnessed a growth of —–during the year 2016-2017?
    (a) 5.2 % (b) 8 % (c) 3.4% (d) 0.2%
  • Services Sector has —–share in GDP and has emerged as the main driver of economic growth
    (a) 27.7 % (b) 37.7 % (c) 47.7% (d) 59.60%
  • Transport, Storage and Communication; wholesale and Retail Trade; Finance and insurance; Housing Services (ownership of Dwellings); General Government Services (Public Administration and Defence); and other private services (Social Services) are sub-sectors of which economic sector?
    (a) Social Sector (b) Services Sector (c) Industrial Sector (d) Business Sector

How to Download Economic Survey Multiple Choice Questions

You can download economic survey sample papers easily just by single click. More multiple choice question are mention below. You can prepare yourself from these question. Answers are given at the end.

  • The Services sector has registered a growth rate of —– in 2017-2017?
    (a) 5.98 percent (b) 4.75 percent (c) 3.75 percent (d) 6.75 percent
  • Total investment in 2016-17 was —– %?
    (a) 15.12 % (b) 16.23% (c) 15.54% (d) 15.78%
  • During 2016-17 Cotton giving portal growth of ?
    (a) 4.80 % (b) 5.59% (c) 3.15% (d) 5.68%
  • During 2016-17 fiscal deficit stood at —– percent?
    (a) 3.8 % (b) 4.2% (c) 6.6% (d) 5.1%
  • The inflation rate as measured by the changes in Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at —–during (July-April) 2016-17?
    (a) 9.2 % (b) 8.7% (c) 4.1% (d) 6.2%
  • What is the literacy rate in Pakistan according to Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement (PSLM) survey?
    (a) 69.5% (b) 65.3% (c) 45.8% (d) 58%
  • Punjab leads with —–literacy followed by Sindh with 55% Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 53% and Balochistan with 41%?
    (a) 65% (a) 57% (c) 62% (d) 67%
  • The overall number of educational institutes stood at —– during 2016-17?
    (a) 231.2 thousands (b) 252.5 thousands (c) 257.1 thousands (d) 365.2 thousands
  • What is the total population of Pakistan as estimated during the year 2016-17?
    (a) 189.21 million (b) 199.71 million (c) 179.43 million (d) 192.65 million
  • What was the Population Growth Rate of Pakistan in 2016-17?
    (a) 2.6% (a) 1.86% (c) 3% (d) 2.8%

Pakistan Economic Survey MCQS download online

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